Are you looking for Organic Raw Milk; Organic Produce; Organic Beef/Lamb/Chicken; Organic Eggs?  Look no further.  We have a seasonal rotating selection throughout the year with offerings from the garden, and from our pastures.  This is first and foremost the food we raise for our family, so supplies are limited.


Maybe you have sentimental memories of drinking fresh milk as a child when your grandparents milked, and you simply want to experience that cream-top goodness again…


Perhaps you have done your homework and realize that the milk that is purchased at the store is a dead and overprocessed product.  Fresh unpasteurized milk is a complete food and chock full of nutrient-dense goodness, which heals and nourishes the gut and immune system.  Don’t believe the mainstream hype which villainizes real milk.  Follow the money trail and realize, lies alone can discount the goodness of cow’s milk. All the amazing products milk can be made into and it’s ability to strengthen and build thriving children, there is no food more well rounded and capable of nourishing than MILK. 


Our organic grass-fed beef is available to reserve by the side (fall processing) or by custom cut per piece. We raise Jersey milk cows and they are known for a richer, more marbled meat. We may be bias, but it’s incredible how many folks we provide for no longer want the traditional beef breeds, for their first choice meat!

The cows and steers rotate on naturally fortified  lush grass pastures most of the year and receive high quality unsprayed hay to supplement during winter and the driest part of summer.  The dairy cows only get a whey soaked barley (in addition to their fermented alfalfa) in a small bucket during milking at the leanest time of the year to help maintain their body condition and ensure a creamy nutritious milk.

We consider our meat and milk “health food”.  We raise these animals in a way that brings nutrient dense, high energy food to our family, even though it is not the easiest way, nor the cheapest, conventional way. Therefore, the added cost, is matched with a product for you that will heal and nourish rather than poison and deteriorate your health.  In the long run, you will notice a shift from spending money at your doctor, to investing in your health by buying high quality more healthful food.

When you consider how delicious real clean food is — It’s a double blessing!


    Stood up directly next to a store bought conventionally raised egg, our eggs are no comparison when it comes to nutrition and taste. We encourage you to do your own visibility and taste test! The pastured egg is natures perfect food and ours are premium, even amonst the other organic brands. They’re supplemented with organic, feed, and they give us fresh brown eggs with dark orange yolks.

    Pick some up at the farm or contact us for our delivery locations!



    We raise a multi-purpose breed of sheep called Jacob’s.  They grow amazing wool and produce rich and tender meat in plenty. They graze on lush pasture and are truly a grass-fed animal.  We don’t use any chemicals on our pastures, but we let the animals redeposit nutrients and minerals back to the soil which brings high energy grass feed in a beautiful cycle of growth.

    Seasonally we offer whole lambs for bulk purchase, but these are reserved in advance and a deposit is collected to ensure supply.  We also always carry individual custom cuts for sale. Lamb is a virtually undiscovered alternative to beef in this area and we believe that once you try it, you may not want to go back. 



    Having these birds on fresh grass and open air in itself, contributes to healthier birds; but they are also consuming a diet rich in protein and omega-3’s (bugs!) which translates into outstanding meat.  Never any chemicals, antibiotics or fillers to artificially plump up and tenderize your food.  These are the real deal and we know once you’ve tried them, you will agree that the big chain store chicken does not compare. 

    Fresh chicken processing date June 15th!  Get your order in now for a fresh packed and processed chicken.  $3.99/#.  Pick up at the farm or choose one of our delivery locations!

    Frozen, Organic Pastured Bird – $4.99

    *Fresh, Conventional Pastured Bird  – $3.99/lb

    *PREORDER NECESSARY! Call or text (440) 468-9204 ask for Langston. 



    If you’d like to order 1/4 or a side of beef, or a half or whole lamb, contact us to let us know you’re interested! We’ll give you the scoop.


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