Looking for Organic Raw Milk, Organic Produce, Organic Meats, Organic Eggs?  Look no further.  We have a limited selection throughout the year with seasonal selections from the garden, and from our pastures.  Contact us early, place your order(s) in early.  Supplies are limited.

Everything there is to know about FRESH dairy

Call us to either:

  • Schedule a time to visit and meet us, our animals and the property.  We will give you a run down of the milking process and show you the tools we use to milk and bottle this life-sustaining food. As well, we can show you our other offerings and how they are processed and packaged
  • Learn about the various delivery locations where we bring pre-ordered farm groceries to a specified location in lieu of an in person farm pickup

Join the club!

In order to privately do business with our customers, we require “membership” to our private buying club.  This may not be for everyone, so we want you to consider your values and expectations carefully before agreeing to our club guidelines.  I promise you, they are lenient and easy to adhere to compared with the heavy burden and cost of doing business in the public realm… however, it is something we take seriously when it comes to our role as food provider for families; and we’d like you to be clear on your part as well. Please learn how to and what it means to become a member of our private buying club HERE.

Please consider!

  • Order on time-in advance. The sooner you get your milk order in, the more likely you will receive your order and the more you allow me to plan for my supply needs.  Ordering late can end up in being turned down for low supply.
  • Please be on time to pickup – I’m pretty flexible and I understand traffic issues. But, please try to be on time.
  • Please do not cancel except for emergencies or preplanned vacations/breaks. Once you’ve ordered, I commit to keeping your milk available to you, which often times means turning other families away who order after you.  When you cancel, I am left with an abundance of milk that is very hard to re-source homes for and creates a difficult back log of milk… that could have gone to other family’s.

Preparing for pick up

  • Bring your payment; cash or pre-arranged plan via paypal or venmo of $8.00/gal on farm OR $8.50/gal delivered (ask about 7.50 PIA Monthly milk commitments!)
  • Please Bring empty jars (64oz Ball Mason Jars!) with white plastic lids, soil and stain free. If you forget your jars – (that’s okay!)… But I must charge you the temporary deposit for glass until you return the extra jars the following pickup. The ½ gallon (64oz) Ball Mason jars are so difficult to come by and have become so expensive, I cannot afford a few customers per week forget their jars leaving me without enough to fulfill orders.  Oh, and if you please, don’t bring me gallon jars to trade.  (If you want to transfer milk, please pre-arrange that with me under special circumstances only)
  • Bring a cooler or insulated bag!  Your milk’s sweet freshness depends upon several things, one of the most important being kept at a constant cold temperature.  Even the “short” drive home is a critical time to keep your milk nice and cold to prolong its freshness.

Q: How long does fresh milk last?

Generally, milk stays sweet and delicious for a week to a week and a half.  In the winter months, many people find it is still delicious after three weeks!  There are some things we can do to increase the longevity of our milk.

Tips for keeping milk sweet and fresh

My part:

  • Thorough sanitation from start to finish of every aspect of milking (i.e… machine, vessels, lids, hands, udder… etc). Ask me about my sanitation process and my wonderful sterilizing solutions (H2O2, HOCl and NaOCl) 
  • Rapid chill the milk as quickly as possible after milking. Mine gets put into my recircling ice bath water chiller bringing milk to 32-34 degree in minutes!

Your Part:

  • Keep very cold 34-36*F Including during transport! Be sure to bring ice or freezer packs with insulated carrier in the summer months!
  • Be diligent to return milk to the fridge after pouring! Keeping it cold is the best way to keep it freshest for longest.
  • You may elect to freeze your milk for use later.  This can be done successfully if you are careful to transfer the milk to a freezer and food safe container. The half gallon mason jars are not freezer safe and will crack and ruin your milk if you leave it in that vessel.  Also, remember when thawing your milk, do so in advance with intent to thaw it very slowly in the refrigerator.  If you can take a two-three days to let it thaw, it will be smooth and creamy just like fresh.  Aggitating the bottle during the thawing process helps to reincorporate the cream nicely.  
  • Don’t contaminate the milk.  (No drinking out of the jug!) 

Q: Why do you call yourself “organic”?

The term organic has been accepted as a condition of processes and standards that uphold a certain state of things and the government has set definitions and official standards to be able to call oneself “organic”.  If you’ll notice we do not use the official government seal to designate “organic”; not because we dont adhere to these standards, but because we did not apply for the system’s involvement in that contract.  Instead, we expect our customers and those supporting us to take an active role in keeping the organic standard in place on our farm.  This is our perspective on what organic means and what is important to us.  Pleaes feel free to talk with me about your own views and what you expect from food producers and animal handlers. 

Everything we do here is first and foremost for the goodness and well being of our very own family. We left the standards of “modern”, “conventional”,  food production to return to the old ways of raising real nutrient rich clean edibles.  We desire food we know is clean and uncontaminated by the toxins that bombard every level of the food system from soil to packaging.  On Canaan Homestead, we aim to avoid every aspect of synthetic chemicals and opt for the natural means to combat the obstacles of keeping sustainable land.

We reject synthetic

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Growth hormones
  • Insecticides
  • Preservatives
  • Chemical additives
  • Artificial colors or flavors

While our relationships and operations are open to our customers and partners for full disclosure and observation, the private nature of our transactions from farmer to consumer do not invite government regulation and red tape.  We expect our customers to regulate and hold us accountable to a standard of purity that earns their approval.


If you choose on-farm pick-up, we will show you how to get and pay for your milk, meat and eggs, so you can stop in the farm store anytime during open hours to help yourself. People appreciate this because of the flexibility it offers to their busy lifestyles. We are always available to help you, and answer questions about any of our products.

Contact us to schedule a time to come out to the farm!

9AM – 5PM


If you’re on a delivery, you will receive an email prior to the delivery letting you know what cuts and products are available in addition to your milk. You can call, text or email anytime to have other products added to your delivery.

Scroll down for delivery locations and dates.

Contact us to get in on the next delivery!


Nixa Hardware every other Thursday in Nixa, Missouri
The Community Center in Cape Fair every other Friday

Washburn Trojan PQ Mart every Tuesday



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