Who We Are

The Milkmaid

The Shepherd

The Invaluable Laborers

Together we’re working to build a piece of land that is bountiful, balanced and beautiful.  That takes time, and it has been a whirlwind of 5 years, chiseling away at one upgrade, task or project after another.  We are glad that you found us, and we are happy to show you that THIS CAN BE DONE… even if you weren’t raised under generations of farmers. Tending to the land is inherent in every person!  Allow us to encourage you in that as you encourage us by patronizing us and sharing in our abundance.


How We Got Here

It seemed natural and right to want to grow food, but our big house on a little postage stamp lot had no space to do it. We started to befriend and support farmers and drive long distances to get their food and learn from them. Everything in between then and now, is the walk of training and transitioning that comes with a 180 degree lifestyle change. Within the pages of this website are packed many of the lessons we’ve learned.

How We Got Here

Why We Do This

We came from the clean and orderly suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  Our lives looked like 95% of American families.  Looking back, we were mere shadows of people (good hearted, no less!), living a highly consumeristic lifestyle. We realized that we were very dependent upon a lot of people and systems. Little by little our minds started to change about what life could be like. 15 years later, we are here and would never look back except to help others see their potential.

We want clean food.  We want to contribute to our own needs rather than depend upon others. We want to encourage others that this is a natural lifestyle and that it is possible for everyone who also feels the unction to produce for themselves. Keeping animals and putting up food is not only meaningful, it keeps us alive and thriving.  Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Until they are, we intend to help folks get the things we were so desperate for at one time – unadulterated sustenance.


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